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Outsourcing Application Development and BPO

Leveraging a blended strategy that spans onsite and offshore delivery, clients can tune work distribution to meet cost, delivery, and risk objectives. As part of this we have a state of the art well equipped Global Offshore development center in Mohali. Integrating the best engineering minds with technology and an infrastructure that is built to cater to the world's best, Crystal Data is at the forefront of the clients outsourcing needs.
Delivery Model (OnSite/OffShore)
In this hybrid Delivery Model, the outsourcing work is compartmentalized so that work gets distributed between the onsite and offshore development. The Onsite SME's and service partners determine what the degree of outsourcing is beneficial for the client. Today this is the most most successful and popular outsourcing models in the industry. Determination of what percentage of work done onsite and percentage of work done offshore is critical to the business success of the client. With resources and in place we make sure that the client's needs are well take care of.
Onsite delivery includes:
-To gather all vital knowledge about the business functions which the clients want to accomplish either by using a tactical approach for short term initiatives or through a long term strategic approach.
-Reviewing the requirements/specifications clearly based on the project plan.
-Authoring a detailed design based on the requirements & getting it approved from all subject matter experts.
-Client involvement is clearly their discretion but their involvement with the design and testing of the end product is usually beneficial for all parties involved. Overall the requirements and solutioning phase is what is best worked onsite.
Offshore delivery includes:
-Understanding the detailed design and specification document.
-Coding,Unit testing the business functionality.
-Integration testing and performance testing the finished product.
-Maintenance and Production support the onsite center.

Team of professionals in IT.
The direct result of our experience is reflected in our short listing of the right person for the job;
Resource Planning (ERP), web technologies and database management.
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